Tanjore paintings are an important art form of classical South Indian painting. Tracing its roots to the historical golden era of the early 18th century, Tanjore artwork is one of the many indigenous art forms for which India is noted.

 Crafted with meticulous care the tanjore paintings are unique.The painting are made by the gilded and gem-set technique – a technique where gold leaves & sparkling stones are used to highlight certain aspects of the painting like ornaments, dresses etc. The rich vibrant colors, dashes of gold, semi-precious stones and fine artistic work are characteristics of these paintings.

Tanjore paintings are inspired by classical dance, music and literature. The themes of Tanjore paintings are of deities, figures, birds, flowers, animals and saints.Tanjore paintings are deeply rooted in tradition and still innovative within limits.

I have made this card with a picture of a tanjore painting on a background of silk saree pattern designed by me, for mixed media monday‘s challenge to do a card on art representing your country.