I have joined the ‘everydaymatters ‘ group at yahoo.
The challenges given are very interesting and make you look at everyday things as drawing inspiration prompts.
The rope is my first sketch .I have drawn it in photoshop.
I do my paintings for motivart in corel paint and photoshop.


6 thoughts on “everydaymatters”

  1. interesting tangle ! I bet that’s going to snag on a chair or something. 🙂 Welcome to EDM!


  2. You have done an awesome job wiht your rope! WElcome to EDM!


  3. Nicely done….looks almost photographic! Wow.


  4. Well done and welcome to EDM.


  5. That’s a different way of drawing. I haven’t learned photoshop yet but it seems so many people love it.


  6. great work:) I find photoshop really scary as I’ve never worked on it before.
    welcome to EDM:)))


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